Book review: lean six sigma for dummies

Today we do a book review on lean six sigma for dummies by John Morgan and Martin Brenig-Jones. Both are directors at Catalyst Consulting, an organization with expertise in providing lean six sigma solutions. John his focus is on product design and -development while Martin is an expert in the field of quality and change management.

The "for dummies" series does not need an introduction for many people. It is a well-known series that gives readers an easy entry-level for many topics. The books are written in easy to understand language. Especially in the case of lean six sigma which has a complex jargon, it is good to have a book that is written in easy language. This book really brakes it down in understandable language.

Content of lean six sigma for dummies

The lean six sigma for dummies book is an easy-to-follow guide that shows you how you can make your organization more productive and effective by implementing a lean six sigma mindset. It introduces you to the tools of lean and into the tools of six sigma. Both toolboxes help to lift the performance of your organization. The book shows that both methodologies can live in harmony. It guides you on all the tools starting from policy deployment to the implementation and follow-up of the improvements and everything in between. The book explains the concepts in fairly easy to understand language and is well written and constructed.

At the same time, this is also one of the downsides of the book. The book combines both methodologies: lean and six sigma, into 368 pages (for the 3rd edition). While from the same series. The lean for dummies book has 416 (for the 2nd edition) and the six sigma for dummies book has 408 pages (for the 2nd edition). By trying to squeeze lean six sigma into one book and keeping the book to a manageable size, compromises have to be made. If you have already some knowledge of lean six sigma, there will be a chance that you will learn almost nothing new. In that case, you can better by the two books separate since prices are quite low.

So do not expect an indept explanation on the topic. One of the There is a lot of statistical analysis involved in LSS and the book doesn't include too much related to that

Real-world examples show how the theory can be implemented in practice. Also, this book contains the typical "dummies" hints and tips.

For which "dummies" is this book

So for who is this book then? since the book does not explain the topic in-depth it is a great start if you have to start from zero.

Are you really new into lean six sigma and do you want to know if you or your company can benefit from it, then you can have for a reasonable price a good understanding of the method. It will however not be enough to implement it directly. For this you need will need extra reading/training.

It is also a good book if you are going to follow a course and want to get already familiar with the topic. It will help you to connect the dots between the different tools.

the title of the book says it itself. Lean six sigma for dummies. If you are a "dummies" willing to scratch the surface of lean six sigma then this book is a good book for you. Personally, I give this book review of lean six sigma for dummies a 7/10.

This article was updated on November 15, 2022